Astanza Laser to Exhibit at AAD 2012

San Diego, CA // Astanza Laser will be exhibiting its Q-switched Nd:YAG laser technology at the American Academy of Dermatology annual meeting in San Diego, CA from March 17-19, 2012.

Astanza Laser, a leading manufacturer of Q-switched lasers for tattoo removal and removal of dermal and epidermal pigment, will be presenting cutting-edge laser technology to a core user group. Dermatologists are among the leading providers of laser tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, and pigmented lesion treatments, and Astanza Laser is the choice of many leading practitioners.

The Duality laser from Astanza Laser has become one of the most popular Q-switched lasers chosen by cosmetic dermatologists looking to remove unwanted tattoos. Many Astanza customers are upgrading from older systems and select the Duality because of the benefits of a modern Q-switched Nd:YAG laser with 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths.

Another key feature of Astanza’s system is the ability to treat pigmented lesions, including a range of nevi, solar and senile lentigines, and other examples of epidermal and dermal lesions.

Please stop by the booth for Astanza Laser (#4707) in the main exhibit hall or contact Astanza Laser at 800-364-9010 to learn more about Astanza’s innovative products.

Laser Tattoo Removal Market Opportunity

Everyone says it – laser tattoo removal is going to be a huge business. When you and your colleagues talk about cosmetic procedures that are going to be in demand, tattoo removal can’t help but come up. That being said, there aren’t all that many medical clinics or laser spas offering laser tattoo removal. Compared with the number providing laser hair removal, perhaps 1/10 as many offer laser tattoo removal.

Why is this?

At Astanza Laser, we’ve seen a stunning evolution of cosmetic laser technology over the past decade. Although Q-switched, Nd:YAG lasers have been around since at least the late 1970s, only in the last few years that systems with sufficient fluence, ease of use, and attractive price points have become available to laser practitioners. Previous Q-switched laser systems for tattoo removal suffered from insufficient energy to remove dark and colorful tattoos. For example, many cutting-edge systems would only have 500 or 600 mJ of energy for the 1064nm wavelength used for dark tattoos, and 200-300 mJ of energy for the 532nm wavelength used for light tattoos. Insufficient power means poor clinical results, and patients that don’t return for follow-up treatments.

The powerful Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers manufactured by Astanza solve this problem, and make adding tattoo removal to your practice in 2010 an attractive proposition. For practices that want to remove tattoos with a reliable and powerful system, our Duality laser offers 1000 mJ (a full 1 Joule) of energy in 1064nm and 500 mJ of 532nm.

There’s no reason to wait any longer to add laser tattoo removal to your practice. The technology exists to remove difficult tattoos, and Astanza offers the systems and the support to make practitioners and patients successful in their tattoo removal goals.

ACOG Annual Clinical Meeting 2010

San Francisco, Ca // Astanza will be attending the Annual Clinical Meeting of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) in San Francisco from May 15-19, 2010.

Laser tattoo removal is a procedure that has grown rapidly in popularity in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and several Asian markets. Obstetricians and gynecologists have found that their patient demographic matches very well with those demanding laser tattoo removal – a patient population that trends 2/3 female.

The declining reimbursement rates, affecting the entire medical community, have struck the OB/GYN community especially hard. Physician practitioners are forced to see more patients in order to support their overhead and generate a decent level of personal income. Because this trend will continue, physicians are looking for new sources of income for their practices.

Laser tattoo removal may be an appropriate addition for these OB/GYN practices. The demographics of these practices are well-suited for a variety of cosmetic procedures, including laser treatments. As women age, gain weight, or become pregnant, their skin loses some its tightness and elasticity. In many areas where tattoos are common – the hip, the lower back, the belly, the upper breast – these changes affect the attractiveness of tattoos.

Additionally, as women move towards having families of their own, they may focus less on the self-expression and rebelliousness of earlier years. The tattoos that were appealing five or ten years prior may not fit into the image or lifestyle that these new mothers seek for themselves. As these women visit their medical caregiver for issues related to the health of their newborn or the evolution of their pregnancy, many may discuss the removal of their tattoos and other skin-related cosmetic issues. Astanza offers technology that lets practitioners profit from these conversations.

Astanza specializes in tattoo removal technology. Our Duality and Revolution lasers incorporate the latest in proven technology to safely and effective remove tattoos, and are FDA approved for this indication. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help your practice reach new levels of success.

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Washington, DC // Astanza will present at the Aesthetic Meeting 2010 of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) in Washington DC. From April 24-26, Astanza will provide information to conference delegates on our tattoo removal technology and lasers.

Plastic surgeons have long been among the leading users of cosmetic laser technology in their practices. As part of an effort to provide beautifying and enhancing treatments to their patients, medical and aesthetic lasers play an important role. Tattoo removal lasers have begun to appear more and more frequently in these offices as plastic surgeons and their practice managers recognize the opportunity to expand profitability by offering this fast and simple-to-perform treatment.

The demographics of laser tattoo removal patients can very attractive and intuitive to those that understand the motivations behind laser tattoo removal. This patient group – which has a median income and education level higher than that of the general population – is looking to improve their appearance and remove the mistakes of their college or, in general, more rebellious days. Tattoo removal patients are not heavily-tattooed bikers wearing layers of leather. These individuals love their tattoos in many cases and are not looking to change their appearance. Instead, the average tattoo removal patient is a 29-year-old woman, generally in the workforce or with a new family.

Surveys of tattoo removal patients show that they are also customers of other cosmetic laser procedures, including hair removal, facial resurfacing, and laser lipolysis. They are willing to make monthly visits to a facility for a short laser treatment and have the discretionary income to pay for a package of laser tattoo removal treatments. They are, more often than not, married or in a relationship, where the partner shares or encourages their desire for tattoo removal.

Simply put, the average tattoo removal patient is one who fits very well into a plastic surgery practice. Mostly likely, these practices already have these patients in their waiting rooms. Why not offer a highly profitable treatment that will provide immediate beautification of skin in a simple-to-perform laser procedure?

Contact Astanza Laser to learn more about how to incorporate laser tattoo removal into your existing medical practice.

How To Profit from Laser Aesthetic Procedures | Astanza

Laser tattoo removal is a cosmetic procedure that medical and dental practices, tattoo shops, and laser clinic entrepreneurs are adding in record numbers. Astanza Laser, the leading manufacturer of cutting-edge tattoo removal lasers, committed to the service. Our lasers provide practitioners with the latest in tattoo removal technology.

As part of Astanza’s commitment to the success of our customers, we are pleased to offer free training to customers who purchase our tattoo removal lasers – either the Astanza Duality or Astanza Trinity. Our clinical experts will travel to a customer location or offer training in our Houston training facility.

Practitioners using our systems – even those with prior experience with q-switched systems – benefit from our comprehensive training program. By incorporating a wide range of discussions and hands-on practice sessions, our in-house training experts transfer tattoo removal-specific knowledge to practitioners. We list components of the training below:

Lectures and discussions: laser physics, introduction to tattoos and motivations for tattoo regret, history of tattoo removal and tattoo removal technology, skin & dermatology principles relevant to tattoo removal, side effects, treatment protocols, patient after care, and before, during, and after pictures of laser tattoo removal.

Hands-on clinical training: practical experience performing treatments with model patients we procure. There’s nothing like hands-on experience to learn a new treatment, and we provide our practitioners with a great deal of reality-based education on how to remove tattoos. This includes removal of colorful tattoos, removal of dark tattoo, removal of facial tattoos and difficult-to-access tattoos, removal of professional versus homemade tattoos, dealing with difficult or resistant tattoos, etc.

Marketing and business operation support: most laser manufacturers have a PowerPoint presentation or glossy brochure suggesting how to make millions with a cosmetic laser, and imply that simply buying the laser will lead the patients to knock down the door. This implication is foolishness, and the lack of marketing support can limit the ability of practitioners to fully utilize their new equipment. Astanza understands that practitioners are acquiring a new source of income when they purchase a tattoo removal laser, not a box that sits in a back office unused. We share time-tested and proven marketing strategies that are customized for tattoo removal practice, recognizing the specific needs and message needed for this treatment.

To learn more about Astanza tattoo removal lasers or tattoo removal training, please contact a helpful and knowledge Astanza sales representative or corporate representative.