Astanza Tattoo Removal News: Season 2 Premiere

Tattoos, tattoo removal, lasers, and more – your favorite show is back! Season two, episode one of Astanza Tattoo Removal News premieres; sharing the latest in the tattoo and tattoo removal industries. From laser tattoo removal training opportunities to free resources for aesthetic practitioners and client features sharing #ChangingLives moments, the first episode of the second season is here to provide expert insight into the industry and entertain viewers.

This year, we have something new for you as well! Introducing the Astanza Tattoo Removal News PODCAST, available on Spotify and Apple Music! Now, you can listen to our show on your morning commute, at the gym, or whenever you’re on the go to catch up on the latest news.

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Start Your Tattoo Removal Business

People set intentions and goals at the New Year, which is the perfect time to evaluate what you’d like to accomplish and set a plan to make it happen. If you’ve tuned into Astanza Tattoo Removal News before, or even if this is your first time, you’ve most likely been considering opening a laser tattoo removal business or expanding your current practice by adding tattoo removal or upgrading your technology.

Getting certified in laser tattoo removal is typically the first step for most practitioners. Whether you’ve been running a successful aesthetic practice for years and are looking to add additional services, or if you’re a first time entrepreneur ready to start the tattoo removal business you’ve been thinking about, the proper training is paramount to your overall success. New Look Laser College, Astanza’s training program, was the first laser training course of its kind to solely focus on the advanced procedure of laser tattoo removal.

The two-day, comprehensive experience provides in-depth clinical education, hands-on training, and business and marketing strategies specific to the laser tattoo removal industry. Students who graduate from New Look Laser College earn three certifications: Certified Laser Specialist, Laser Safety Officer, and Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal Practitioner. With more than a dozen courses in multiple cities throughout 2023, there are plenty of opportunities to get trained and certified in laser tattoo removal. Don’t wait! If you register at least three months in advance of your selected course date, you’re eligible to receive $300 off the regular tuition price. Secure your seat now as availability is limited and courses fill up quickly.

Changing Lives and Offering Second Chances Through Laser Tattoo Removal

One of the best things about the Astanza Family is our shared mission of changing lives with our clients and their businesses. Panacea Tattoo Removal in Grand Junction, CO, has been using Astanza technology to provide tattoo removal services for a couple of years now. Amy Yan, Astanza’s client success manager, recently interviewed Brieanna Calandrella and Paul Wallis from Panacea Tattoo Removal to feature their amazing work and give an inside look into their business.

“[Astanza] allowed me to open up when nobody else saw my view of how amazing the Grand Junction business would take off,” Calandrella said. “I’m grateful to Astanza for seeing that in me and really pushing forward and making that possibility an actual reality.”

Working with reputable laser companies and reliable, FDA-cleared laser technology is crucial to both the initial and long-term success for any aesthetic laser business. Read more about Panacea Tattoo Removal and watch their full feature interview.

We love featuring our clients and are always looking for more members of the Astanza Family to interview and share their stories. If you’re interested in being a part of ATRN, reach out to your account manager or the marketing team.

Resources for Aesthetic Laser Practitioners

As you’re researching available laser technology, learning the details and differences between laser equipment might be a little overwhelming when in the planning phases of opening a laser business. That’s why Astanza created the exclusive webinar series, “Inside the Laser”. This series gives an in-depth look at each of Astanza’s safe, reliable, FDA-cleared laser devices, hosted by our laser experts and biomedical engineers.

Become an expert on each of Astanza’s medical-grade cosmetic lasers by checking out this carefully crafted webinar series. The first two installments of the series, Inside the Laser: The PicoStar® and Inside the Laser: The MeDioStar® are now available on demand. Click the respective links to visit those pages and access the downloadable webinar recordings. The third installment of the series, Inside the Laser: The Trinity will premiere LIVE via Zoom on March 21st at noon central. Register now to secure your spot and join us to have all your questions answered live during the Q&A at the end of the webinar.

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Can’t make it LIVE on March 21st? No worries – register anyway and you’ll receive the webinar recording directly to your inbox as soon as it’s over.

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